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1967 Movies



1. In The Heat Of The Night
2. The Graduate
3. Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?
4. The Dirty Dozen
5. Camelot
6. Casino Royale
7. Cool Hand Luke
8. Bonnie And Clyde
9. In Cold Blood
10.A Fistful Of Dollars


BEST PICTURE: In The Heat Of The Night
BEST ACTOR: Rod Steiger, In The Heat Of The Night
BEST ACTRESS: Katherine Hepburn, Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?
BEST DIRECTOR: Mike Nichols, The Graduate


1. Julie Andrews
2. Lee Marvin
3. Paul Newman
4. Dean Martin
5. Sean Connery
6. Elizabeth Taylor
7. Sidney Poitier
8. John Wayne
9. Richard Burton
10.Steve McQueen

More 1967 Movies
The 25th Hour - Anthony Quinn
Affair With A Killer - Stephen Young
Africa, Texas Style - Hugh O'Brien
The Ambushers - Dean Martin
Barefoot In The Park - Robert Redford
Bedazzled - Peter Cook
Berserk - Joan Crawford
The Big Mouth - Jerry Lewis
Born Losers - Tom Laughlin
C'mon, Let's Live A Little - Bobby Vee
Casino Royale - Peter Sellers
Clambake - Elvis Presley
Doctor Doolittle - Rex Harrison
Doctor Faustus - Richard Burton
The Doomsday Machine - Denny Miller
The Double Man - Yul Brynner
Double Trouble - Elvis Presley
Easy Come, Easy Go - Elvis Presley
Elvira Madigan - Pia Degermack
Enter Laughing - Jose Ferrer
Fahrenheit 451 - Oskar Werner
Far From The Madding Crowd - Julie Christie
The Fastest Guitar Alive - Roy Orbison
The Flim-Flam Man - George C. Scott
For A Few Dollars More - Clint Eastwood
Gentle Giant - Dennis Weaver
The Glory Stompers - Dennis Hopper
The Happening - Anthony Quinn
Hells Angels On Wheels - Adam Roarke
Hombre - Paul Newman
Hots Rods To Hell - Dana Andrews
Hotel - Rod Taylor
How I Spent My Summer Vacation - Robert Wagner
How I Won The War - Michael Crawford
I Am Curious - Lena Nyman
In Cold Blood - Robert Blake
In Like Flint - James Coburn
Ironside - Raymond Burr
It's A Bikini World - Deborah Walley
The Jackals - Vincent Price
Johnny Belinda - Mia Farrow
Journey To The Centre Of Time - Scott Brady
The Jungle Book - Phil Harris (voice)
Kill A Dragon - Jack Palance
The Love-Ins - Richard Todd
Luv - Jack Lemmon
Madigan's Millions - Dustin Hoffman
Magical Mystery Tour - Beatles
 A Matter Of Innocence - Hayley Mills
The Night Of The Generals - Peter O'Toole
The Outsider - Darren McGavin
The Perils Of Pauline - Pat Boone
Point Blank - Lee Marvin
Return Of The Gunfighter - Robert Taylor
The Sorcerers - Boris Karloff
The Stranger - Marcello Mastroianni
The Taming Of The Shrew - Elizabeth Taylor
Tammy And The Millionaire - Debbie Watson
Thoroughly Modern Millie - Julie Andrews
The Tiger Makes Out - Eli Wallach
To Sir With Love - Sidney Poitier
Tony Rome - Frank Sinatra
The Trip - Peter Fonda
Two For The Road - Audrey Hepburn
Up The Down Staircase - Sandy Dennis
Valley Of The Dolls - Barbara Perkins
The Violent Ones - Fernando Lamas
Wait Until Dark - Audrey Hepburn
The War Wagon - John Wayne
The Way West - Kirk Douglas
Who's Minding The Mint? - Jim Hutton
You Only Live Twice - Sean Connery