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Rock and Roll History Nov 12

Rock and Roll History – Nov 12 2008



It was on this date in 1955 that the award for most promising R and B performer went to Chuck Berry.  At that same ceremony they gave the award for most promising Country and Western performer to Elvis Presley.

On this date in three different years Jerry Lee Lewis has made the news.  On this date in 1957, he made his movie debut in Jamboree where he co-headlined with Fats Domino.  On this date, in 1967, he recorded “To Make Love Sweeter For You” which went on to be his second country number one hit.  His first was ten years earlier with “Great Balls of Fire”.  Finally on this date , 35 years ago ,in 1973 ,Jerry Lee Lewis’ son Jerry Lee Junior spent his last night playing drums in his Dad’s band.  The next day he died in a car accident.  Ten years earlier Jerry Lee had lost another son, Steven Allen drowned in the family swimming pool.



On this date in 1974 Winnipeg based Bachman Turner Overdrive landed their first number one hit in the U.S.  Randy Bachman was the leader of the band and the former member of the Guess Who and Brave Belt.  Bachman wrote the song “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” as a joke for his brother who had a speech impediment and the song feature’s Randy stumbling and stuttering his way through the chorus.

And on this date in 1945, Neil Young was born in Toronto.  Once labeled the “quintessential hippie – cowboy – loner” Neil Young started out with Stephen Stills in Buffalo Springfield.  A short time later the band split and Young hooked up with Crosby, Stills and Nash while also starting out on his own.  Over his career Neil Young has covered nearly every genre of music, from hard rock to blues to country but the one form he keeps returning to is folk. Only one Neil Young song has ever made the top ten in the U.S., his most famous composition, “Heart of Gold” reached number one in 1972.

Happy 63nd birthday today to Neil Young!