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Rock and Roll History Nov 17

Rock and Roll History November 17th


On this date in 1970 Elton John performed a live show in New York which was broadcast over the radio station WPLJ-FM and that concert became Elton’s album titled 11-17-70. The date was the title.

It was on this date in 1971 when Rod Stewart and the Faces released the album that would give them one of their biggest hits.  “Stay With Me” made it to number 17 on the charts and came from the Faces third album titled” A Nod is as Good as a Wink to a Blind Horse”.

And on this date, 5 years ago, Nov 17th in 2003, soul singer Arthur Conley died at the age of 57. He was discovered by Otis Redding who co-wrote his biggest hit, Sweet Soul Music’, a tribute to some great soul singers including Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett. This great r & b hit reached number 2 on the charts in 1967.


On this date in 1938 Gordon Lightfoot was born in Orillia, Ontario.  One of Canada’s greatest singer-songwriters, Lightfoot started singing at a very young age and won many talent contests. Lightfoot was inspired to take up folk music after seeing Ian and Sylvia at a coffeehouse. In 1971 Gord had his first success south of the border with “If You Could Read My Mind”, however it was another three years before he topped the charts down there with his biggest hit “Sundown”.  That song was written on a farm in King Township north of Toronto and Gord always liked the groove it had.  Lightfoot’s career continued after Sundown but he never reached those heights of popularity again and then a problem with booze started to hurt his career and health.  He finally managed to kick that problem a few years ago and he almost died from a problem with his stomach.  He spent almost a year in a hospital here in Hamilton before finally being released. Happy 70thth birthday today to Gordon Lightfoot.