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50's TV Trivia questions and answers

50's TV Trivia

10 50'S TV Trivia questions (changed regularly)

1. What was the last name of the Ricardo's close neighbors Fred and Ethel?

2. Name the character and actor Ken Curtis (Festus Haggen) replaced in 1964?

3. What Comedy did actors Eddie Anderson and Don Wilson remain regulars throughout its TV run?

4. In the sitcom 'The Honeymooners', what were Ralph Kramden and Ed Norton's occupations? 

5. Name the popular late 50's program which starred Richard Boone as 'Paladin'.

6. What well known actor played 'Rowdy Yates' in the western RAWHIDE?

7. 'Clem Kaddiddlehopper','Freddie The Freeloader' and 'The Mean Widdle Kid'
were characters on what comedy/variety show?

8. What's the aninal's name who was the star of an adventure show which ran from 1954 - 1971?

9. In the show 'THE MILLIONAIRE', Michael Anthony presented unsuspecting individuals with a cashier's cheque for one million dollars delived from an eccentric billionaire named whom?

10. Name the Quiz/Panel Show which was moderated by Garry Moore from 1954 - 1964?

1. Mertz (Fred and Ethel)
2. Chester Goode played by Dennis Weaver
3. The Jack Benny Show
4. Ralph Kramden was a bus driver and Ed Norton was a sewer worker.
5. Hav eGun Will Travel
6. Clint Eastwood
7. The Red Skeleton Show
8. Lassie
9. John Beresford Tipton
10.I've Got A Secret