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60's TV Trivia

10 TV 60's Trivia questions (changed regularly)

1. What actor on MY 3 SONS did William Demarest replace in 1965?

2. What year did 'Star Trek','Batman', 'Mission:Impossible'
and 'The Monkees' all make their debut?

3. 'Bonanza' ran for 14 seasons, and in its later years,
ran as reruns under what title?

4. Name the 2 Dicks in 'Bewitched'.

5. Patty Duke played the parts of Patty and Cathy Lane in the 60's
sitcom 'The Patty Duke Show'. How were the Lane girls related?

6. Name the host of the popular Quiz Show 'Password' which ran
in prime time from 1962 to 1967?

7. Which sitcom debuted first, one week before the other in 1964, 'The Munsters'
 or 'The Addams Family?'  

8. Name the actor who starred as 'Dennis The Menace' on the popular
prime time sitcom  from the early 60's?

9. Robert Vaughn and David McCallum starred in what series?

10.Name the Italian mouse from the 'Ed Sullivan Show'.

1.William Frawley who played 'Bub' O'Casey.
2. 1966
3. Ponderosa
4. Dick York (1964-1969)
   Dick Sergent (1969 - 1972)
5. The girls were identical cousins
6. Allen Ludden
7. The Addams Family (Sept. 18 1964) followed by
   The Munsters (Sept 24 1964)
8. Jay North
10.Topo Gigio